Plant summer bulbs in spring

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We all want summer! The summer bulbs are back. Gladioli and dahlias. Begonias and callas . _ If you plant these bulbs now,you’ll have colorful fun all summer long.

Summer bulbs are perfect for giving a touch of color to your borders. They combine easily with existing plants. No risk for the result: in the summer the colors blend together, like a painting of wild flowers. ©Ibulb

Color at your fingertips

With summer bulbs you can do it all. They are even happy in a pot.

Plant them in the spring. You will then have color at your fingertips:

handy when there are holes here and there in the garden. Potted summer bulbs are also wonderful for adding a touch of color to the terrace or balcony. Let summer come!

Your own flower garden

In summer, we like to pick flowers. If you now turn a plot of your garden into a flower garden, you will soon be able to make your own bouquets. The most suitable flowers for this purpose are, for example , crocosmias , dahlias , gladioli and lilies . If you have a preference for bouquets of wildflowers, then be sure to plant a mix of different flower shapes and colors.

You can combine the bulbs by variety, but it’s also very nice to combine different flowers.

The border turns into a real show of colors!

Plant in spring, for a profusion of colors in summer

You can plant summer bulbs as soon as the night frosts are gone. Plant them in a sunny spot. Bulbs should normally be planted at a depth equal to their height, but there are exceptions.

You will find the exact depth on the packaging. After putting them in the ground, water them to get them off to a good start. From July, the first flowers will appear.

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