Tritoma: beautiful and original

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The tritoma, kniphofias or false aloe is a beautiful perennial native to South Africa. Its flowering is quite original while the decorative effect is guaranteed.

Maintenance is easy for this flower which will quickly find its place at the bottom of a bed in your garden.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name : Kniphofia
Family : Liliaceae
Type : Perennial

: 50 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Soil : Limestone

Foliage : Evergreen – Flowering : Summer

Planting tritoma

It is recommended to plant tritomas in the spring , respecting a spacing of 40 cm between each plant.

  • A well-drained soil is strongly recommended especially for the winter.
  • Prefer a sunny location to have a beautiful flowering
  • The planting depth is about 10-15 cm
  • Group your tritoma by 3 or 4 per m2 for a beautiful decorative effect

You can mix your soil with flowering plant soil for better results.

Tritoma pruning and care

Very easy to maintain, the tritoma should not cause you any problems, especially when it is properly installed.

  • Remove faded flowers as you go.
  • Cover the foot with a mulch to maintain humidity in spring and summer because the tritoma fears drought.

Even if the tritoma is fairly resistant to frost (down to -13°), protect the foot of your tritoma with a good mulch in winter if the climate in your region is cold.

To know about tritoma

Very original, this perennial that is also sometimes called ” False aloe ” or ” Satan’s Ember ” is remarkable for its flowering.

Shades of red, orange and yellow give a flamboyant effect to its upright stems that will not fail to be noticed in a flower bed or in the middle of a bouquet.

Quite hardy in our regions, the tritoma resists well to low or even negative temperatures and can sometimes flower until December.

A particularly melliferous plant, the tritoma will advantageously participate in pollination in your garden.

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